Master design Specialises in Commerical,Residential, Kitchens,Bathrooms, design solutions,Home Renovation, Space Planning,3D Design concepts,Lighting design.

Kitchen Renovation

Full Kitchen Design and Renovation, Improve Functionality and convenience.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Aesthetic appeal,To increase the Home sale value. Space Saving,

Space Planning

Draws up a plan that defines ,Points to consider when deciding how to layout the space.

3D Design Concepts

3D modelling in genernal makes the product design process more efficient.Allow you to create the visualize final visions.

Painting & Exterior

Design the colour you like in the modeling,workout the paint cost and get it done by our Accredited Painters.

Project Management

Manage delivery of projects from beginning to end, Forecast and manage the budget and resources.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Design, Supply, Renovate and Project Management.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Design well to increase the value of the House, Convenience, comfortable smart space plan.


Eco Friendly Construction

Planning ahead will make your home more enerrgy efficient


The Newest Technology skills

Keep projects on track, in time and within budget.


High Quality Construction Management

Better cost, time and quality management,
Better error identification and reduction,
Improved contract and procurement techniques to a project

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

When you needs professional design, Master Design is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective/affordable solutions. Whether you’re looking for commercial office or Retail Interior design, We are READY for it.

MASTER DESIGN SERVICES: Building Consent Application.Retail Interior Design.Commercial Kitchen Consultation.Commercial Project Management.Residential Interior Design.Landscape Design.Commercial Interior Design.Resource Consent Application.

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