9F Airborne Road,

GST Number

Invoice Number INV-4814
Invoice Date 15/11/2019
Due Date 29/11/2019
Total Due $48,748.50
Evergrande Renovat Ltd

290 Queen St, Yoyoso Sprinkler Spray water fix, replacement.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Hirepool Hire: x5 pump 50mm Puddle Sucker,x5 Vacuum cleaner hose, x5Floodlight industrial 1000w,x3 Vacumm Cleaner HILTI VC 40-U
1 Labour to suck water and clean ground floor and down stairs x9 person
1 electrical job carry out for replacing,the flooded light fittings and check ,the wires switch board etc cause by the damage of fire sprinkler spray.
1 downstairs some part of Ceiling Tiles replacement after sprinkler water spray
1 Remove damaged ceiling and cleaning garbage on site
1 Called cleaner to cleaning the whole store $2,300.00$2,300.00
Sub Total $42,390.00
GST $6,358.50
Total Due $48,748.50

Bank Name: BNZ
Account Number: 02-0108-0486188-00
Account Name: Master Design Ltd